Please call me Dave or Georgann 951-685-3252 for current kitten selections. 

We now have lower prices than last year.   Listed sales price is for a kitten picked up at our home and does not include shipment fees.   Any nicer  kitten can be used for breeding, for an additional fee.  Call us at 951-685-3252 to see if I have a Ragdoll kitten or adolescent that you've been looking for.  Or email me at dave@ragdoll.com , leaving your phone number, and I will gladly call you to discuss Ragdolls with you.  Ask for either Dave or Georgann, as we both can answer your questions.

We have a nice variety of kittens at this time, new photos coming soon or call.


None of the cats above are for sale: group photo is from circa 1985, kitten on right sold in Jan., "09

Please consider the following, when selecting a kitten:

Please note: Due to recent Animal Control policy changes, any kittens or adult sold from my cattery must have microchips implanted. The cost of this is $35 and is not reflected in the purchase price listed here. I have to provide the client name, address, phone number and microchip number on any sale, when asked by authorities.

Prices listed are the discounted prices for cash.  Credit card payments require a 3% higher in my home and 4% if you are purchasing by email.  Paypal payments accepted with a 4.1% processing fee.  If you have questions, please call me at 951-685-3252.

Bluepoint mitted pet boy.  $550 with microchip. About 4 1/2 mo. of age. Shipping extra.


  Kitten sold around 2-1-15.

Pet mink bicolor male, $650 + $35 for microchip.   Shipping extra.


  These photos are of a mink colorpoint female, born 11-1-15.  $650 each plus $35 for microchip.  Shipping extra.   Photo on right taken 1-15, 11 weeks of age.


Pet seal bicolor female, has tail fault.  $500 including microchip. Very very friendly. Shipment extra.  Sold and shipped to Chicago.

Seal bicolor male, marked well.  About 4 mo. old.  $650 including microchip. Very very friendly and playful. Shipment is extra.  Sold to OC in January.

Sealpoint mitted tortie female, reduced to $600. Born 3-1-14.


       Bluepoint mitted tortie female, reduced to $500. Born 3-1-14.

            photo 12-17

   NEUTERED Bluepoint colorpoint,playful kitten, nice eye color, $400, including microchip and neutering costs.   photos show age and color progression.

photo 12-2

Blue mink colorpoint NEUTER (brother to kitten above, nice blue eyes, playful for $400. Both brothers (kitten above) are large and very friendly.

Blue Bicolor NEUTER, $400 includes neutering and microchip ($100 costs)

Flamepoint mitted NEUTER, $400, includes neutering and microchip ($100 value)



Pet blue mink bicolor, born 6-19,.  Aqua eye color. Reduced to $500

This litter of 12-27-11

This litter was purchased by Alistanimals-- two colorpoints to be used in a HANES T-shirt TV commercial. Boones Animals of Hollywood is using the 2 bicolors for an upcoming Johnny Depp movie about the Lone Ranger being filmed in New Mexico, to be released summer 2013.

Photos of kittens from 2-25 and 2-3, for their "photo audition" for purchase:


These are the two kittens used in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie, with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. These photos were just sent to me from Boones Animals of Hollywood.    Mr. Boone said these kittens did their jobs like professionals, and more than one person on the movie set asked about buying one or both of them.

At least 2 of the kittens purchased by the 2 movie companies are in this photo of the brand new Hanes T shirt commercial.  The two blue colorpoints were purchased for the movie, but it also appears that I see at least one bicolor Ragdoll kitten in the photo too.  TV commercial was viewed on 8-9-12.  Photo is not mine, and it may be copyrighted.

I have a wide selection of color and pattern combinations available to go home soon.  A $200 deposit is required to reserve any kitten $400 to reserve a breeding cat. NO REFUNDS on deposits. Please call 951-685-3252 and let me know the color, pattern, color, quality and gender of kitten desired. DAVE

Check back soon for additional photos. The majority of my kittens are reserved in advance, and any that are not reserved are photographed and displayed here when they are old enough to go home.


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